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Repeat Mode

ehahkenehahken United KingdomPosts: 7

Hi, I'm reading the manual and trying to work things out but repeat mode isn't acting the way I expect from the manual's description. Could someone possibly take a moment to explain what I'm not getting?
my understanding is if I set a clip to 2 instead of Infinity it will only play the clip twice and then stop that clip however the clip just continues to loop forever. What am I missing? Thanks



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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 303
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    from the manual:

    whatever number you set (in your case 2) will set the amount of repeats that the section will
    play prior to moving to the next section. This will be displayed as a
    countdown and can be changed by turning (SELECT) or cancelled
    by pressing (SELECT).

    the repeats are for when your launching into a different section (ie. once the bridge starts [set to 2 repeats], you can launch to the verse and the bridge section will play twice before moving to the verse). so in your case since your not launching into anything else it'll just keep looping.

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 267

    @reza I think that's not entirely correct though. I don't have my deluge at hand to test it but I'm fairly sure it works like this, because I tested that to find out what it's about:

    Say you have a track with a blue and a pink section. You start the blue section.

    a) normal behavior: the blue section is set to "infi" so it will loop until you hit the pink section. Then the blue will finish its loop and pink will start.

    b) repeat setting: the blue section is set to 4. This will make the blue section repeat four times before moving on to the section that is directly below it (in this case the pink one) without you triggering the pink section at all.

    If you set up 8 sections each with their respective repetitions set, you can use the song mode to let the deluge play an entire arrangement of a song on its own without the need to trigger sections manually.

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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 303

    ah you're totally right. i admittedly haven't used repeat mode much at all and should have tested to confirm before posting heheh.

    here's why i think you're running into a problem, @ehahken. repeat modes only are honored if ALL the clips in that color section are playing at the same time. say you have a drum clip and a synth clip that are both to set blue. if you have the blue section set to play "2" instead of infinity and only have the drum clip launched (synth clip is muted), then repeat mode won't be honored. either have all of blue section unmuted before pressing play OR launch all of the blue section at once (by pressing the blue section pad on any blue row) during play to have repeat mode work.

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    ehahkenehahken United KingdomPosts: 7

    Thanks so much for clarifying this for me guys. It seems I was totally just misunderstanding.

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