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Suggestions for how to route and setup my gear?


Hi, everyone, I just received my Deluge and I am in the process figuring out how to best integrate it and optimize my setup.

I have an M1 Mac with Ableton Live 11 Suite, Push 2, Reason 11, Akai Force, AFX Station (Bass Station ii), an Akai 24 key midi keyboard, a vocal mic, a guitar which I use Positive Grid Bias Amp + Effects with, and of course now the Deluge as well. I use a 2i2 Focusrite at the moment as an interface, but I am waiting on the Volt 476 that I pre-ordered so I will have that soon hopefully.

I’m hoping to get some insight from the wisdom of the crowd on this as I am most accustomed to working in a DAW with a mic, midi keyboard/ Push 2, and guitar, so I am fairly new to hardware devices outside of guitar pedals and amps.

Any thoughts on how to best optimize for live looping? Or thoughts on how to best route and connect these devices?

Thanks in advance! I look forward to being a part of this community!


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    mattchmusicmattchmusic Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 3

    Hey there! Like you I am really just at the start of making the Deluge more the centre of my workflow so some similarities to your situation. Tricky one to answer for you as you have lots of overlap with Ableton, Reason and Akai Force in particular, so it will probably help folks when you are more clear on what you were hoping Deluge could add to your workflow. Are you trying to leave the other gear at home, or just as using it as a sketch pad in the studio? For me I am using it for live jamming with an external mixer so I can use an Aux bus sending to the Deluge inputs to allow me to route a mixture of other synths and live instruments to the Deluge looper. I expect this to keep changing though as I decide to incorporate other gear like the Microcosm. Good luck!

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    SantodeluxeSantodeluxe United StatesPosts: 8

    I am right there with y'all and came to ask for help. This January I was convinced to buy reaktor 6($) instead of a new piece of hardware($$$). I use a scarlett 18i20(g1) for my interface and Reaper as my DAW. This is my first time integrating a softsynth into my workflow and the challenge has been figuring out how to route the Reaktor track(which I control with the deluge) through Reaper out Scarlet outputs into the Deluge audio track for sampling/looping.

    The first challenge was controlling Reaktor with the Deluge, getting reaktor as a vsti in reaper was next, and once that was done I could record and stream like I had before. Collecting loops from all of that is next.

    Any hints or tips would be great. I will add that a lot of the fun of adding new tools is what you end up learning, and I am still learning a lot when it comes to software.

    Raizer, what are your thoughts on using the Force and the Deluge together? I am of a mind that it out muscles the Deluge with it's last update but it can never be as portable as the Deluge.

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