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Future of Downrush


I plan on updating the XML file viewer as needed to support new features as they emerge. The emphasis will be on visualizing the Deluge files, as opposed to editing them. It does not make sense to implement more file-editing features until there is a way for Downrush to command the Deluge to reload the file being edited. Downrush could grow to be a mighty tool, but it needs for the Deluge to work with it, so that Downrush can tell what state the Deluge is in. Until that happens, I don’t expect to do much more with Downrush beyond rendering notation.

I plan on making Downrush easier for other engineers to work on. I have already done a fair amount of stuff working towards this goal. Downrush uses the WebPack build system and the React framework for generating part of the user interface. I will be putting together a developer on-boarding guide that explains how to set up a development environment and how the programs are organized.


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    I hope you can find a way to have early access to the editing API and thanks for making it easy for developers to contribute.

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    RajceRajce Moravia Bohemia OstrauPosts: 4

    Flashair w03/04 completely unavailable.
    Can i use with ezshare or another WiFi/sd Card?

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