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Helix LT sending midi to Deluge

MarkM40MarkM40 SwitzerlandBeta Tester Posts: 2

Hi all,
I'm trying to connect my Helix LT multi-FX pedal to the Deluge to send midi for recording/starting/stopping etc. live loops. Does anyone else have experience of this particular combination or have any ideas on how to set up the Helix LT end of things? (I've looked in the various LT manuals/forums but haven't found anything...)


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    I don't have the LT but I do have a HX Stomp and it works great as a MIDI foot controller for the Deluge. You'll need to go into the Command Center on the Helix and assign a footswitch to send a MIDI note message to the Deluge. Then in the Deluge, go into the global MIDI command settings (shift + value > MIDI > CMD), select one of the commands, and hit the footswitch to learn it. Repeat for the other commands you want to control via the Helix. Make sure the MIDI channel you pick in the Command Center doesn't conflict with any synth/kit tracks on the Deluge or your other gear. You can also use the Command Center to have the LT's expression pedal send MIDI CCs to control parameters on the Deluge or other gear.

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    BaddaddyBaddaddy South ElginBeta Tester Posts: 19

    out of curiosity, what commands do you find useful personally to assign to a foot switch? I didn't realize you could assign so many different things to a foot switch until I checked out the CMD section you referenced.

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    I'll admit I haven't really gotten around to learning the looper functionality of the Deluge, so I don't actually use most of those global commands except play/stop. But I do use foot switches to mute/unmute clips and drum sounds, and launch sections. And, as I mentioned, I use expression pedals to control parameters such as filter cutoff, volume, reverb amount, etc. Leaves the hands free to play something live or do other stuff.

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