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Record automation with saturation


Dear Synthstrom community,
I am looking for a way to record automation in a synthesizer track.

My problem is, that i can not put saturation on a custom gold knob. When i press "learn" the saturation menu, it says CANT.

Is there any other way to do it?




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    BugahBugah Posts: 29

    Pretty sure you're unable to modulate saturation, just double checked the manual and tested a bit on the deluge to confirm it to myself (I'm on 3.1, or whatever it is pre-4.0). You could turn up the saturation, turn down the OSC level, and modulate the OSC Level to get the similar effect. Usually, I tend to saturate things around 3-4 or turn it all the way up to 15. If you bring the OSC volume down first, then you can get a more nuanced range of saturation levels. You might also investigate modulating the resonance parameter of the LPF using the DRIVe model.

    Came up with a funny work around:
    Osc Level ~ 10
    Saturation ~ 15, loud or something
    Envelope 1 ATTACK = 50, then modulate the ATTACK of Envelope 1 using Envelope 1
    set the depth to negative, so you get a really long attack rise time on envelope 1
    then learn envelope 1 attack to a gold knob

    Since the level at its lowest setting is "normal" and then as the envelope rises it will saturate, a long attack means "slow/no saturate", a short attack means "saturate". This lets you do per step automation of the attack time, or you can modulate the attack time with an LFO or something to get a sort of "modulating saturation", you'd just have to retrigger the envelope by putting in a lot of notes and so on.

    Hope this sparks creativity. <3

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