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How can I save a clip / copy it to a different song?

PsirusPsirus BerlinPosts: 5

Is there a way to save a clip, as in the collection of notes, to a file? Or, alternatively, copy a clip to another song? Sometimes I'll come up with something I like, but it just doesn't fit the current song. I could save a copy of the song and remove all the other clips, but that still wouldn't allow me to use it in another, existing song. Maybe I just missed it in the manual. Thanks!


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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 422
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    Copy paste notes works from song to song. Just be sure to set the same position with the up/down scroll.


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    PsirusPsirus BerlinPosts: 5

    Thanks, that does work, but you really do have to be careful. Not only the vertical position, but copy also only copies the notes you see "horizontally", so you have to zoom out to see the full clip. And then when pasting, the clip length needs to be the same, or the notes will get stretched/squashed into the clip.

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