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Using Yamaha YDP-164 digital piano as midi input

PsirusPsirus BerlinPosts: 5

Hi, I just got my Deluge, and am now trying to use my digital piano as a midi controller. I am powering the Deluge with a DC adapter, and an Akai MPK Mini MkII works just fine. When I try to use the piano, the Deluge just freezes on power on, and none of the buttons do anything.

The YDP-164 also acts as an Audio interface when connected to a computer. My guess is that this is causing the problem. Maybe someone has an idea how I could connect the piano via the DIN connectors, which, I would guess, would solve this. The problem is that the piano only has this USB out, no DIN connectors.




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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    Have you checked the manual of the piano for a specific midi mode that you can set as default when connected via usb or something like that?
    I have no idea, just guessing. I have a YDP 163 and I use it as a midi controller without any problems. It doesn't have the audio interface functionality though, so you might be onto something.

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    PsirusPsirus BerlinPosts: 5

    There is no such option, at least not documented in the manual.

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    PsirusPsirus BerlinPosts: 5

    Got it working! For posterity:

    I had a Raspberry Pi Zero laying around, bought a USB hub, connected it to the Pi and then both the Deluge and the Yamaha to the hub. You can connect the MIDI ins and outs via aconnect. Find the names with aconnect -i for the inputs, and aconnect -o for the outputs. In my case, connecting then is as easy as aconnect ARIUS:0 Deluge:0. And then put that in the autostart. Of course it takes maybe 30 seconds to boot, but its bearable. Funnily enough, since both the Deluge and the Yamaha are powered, the Pi doesn't need external power.

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