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CV change without sending gate?

micitarimicitari Beta Tester Posts: 4

I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, but I was really hoping I would be able to have CV output without sending gate signals out of gate 1 and 2. Pretty much I am using gates 1-4 to in a kit to create a rhythmic pattern on a polyphonic chord module, and I only want to change the CV (root note of the chord) occasionally without triggering the note I am changing to. Am I right that this isn't possible?

Here's the bit from the manual that makes me think it isn't possible:

"To set a clip to output CV / gate, enter clip view for it and press the CV button. It will now be a CV track, as opposed to a synth, kit or MIDI track. Its notes’ pitch will be output as a voltage on whichever CV output channel you have selected (turn the select knob to change), and the gate output of the same number will convey whether a note is currently “on” or not."

Thanks for any tips!



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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 986

    I believe you’re correct. To achieve what you’re after, I think you’d have to limit the kit to gates 2-4. Then you can send CV 1 without gate 1 hooked up to anything.

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    micitarimicitari Beta Tester Posts: 4

    Yeah, that makes sense. It is a shame to waste a CV and a gate (for my particular application), but I can still get the job done with only 3 note arpeggios. By the way, using Deluge with Qu-Bit Chord v2 is a ton of fun!

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