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‘File’ on screen?


Sometimes my deluge won’t load things and says ‘file’
Anyone know why and what I can do to sort this out?



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    sven_blobsven_blob France Beta Tester Posts: 155

    Maybe you change some samples places..
    Don't forget ti save your song with COLLECT option
    and save your synths/kits with new names

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    sven_blobsven_blob France Beta Tester Posts: 155

    Or maybe you put your samples in the wrong place on the sd card..

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    Yeah. These seem like the most obvious possibilities. Thanks

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    On one track I have a two bar sample/loop. That plays fine. On another track I had sliced that sample into 16 slices up the keyboard with the slice command. Which I had programmed a different groove for the long sample. Now this second track won’t play. When I try to open the waveform of the different slices, the Deluge screen says ‘cant’. And I can’t edit the waveforms. So I have to load the long sample by browsing and I seem to have lost my edited slices. Which is a real pain. So your tip about using the COLLECT option is a good tip I reckon.

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    I’ve just realised that the sliced sample kit which was 63, now has a different kit, an analog kit I made. It appears that the kit number had been duplicated/overwritten! I’m not sure how this has happened. I don’t remember deleting the original kit! Luckily I have got several backups of the SD card. So when I’m near my computer I’ll investigate some more.

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