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How to sequence fills in a performance?

mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 63
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I’ve really tried to work this, but I can’t figure it out.. apart from duplicating all the tracks so I can have fills that don't play on their own, And managing that live, while recording midi-loops is unrealistic for me.

I like to use the sequencer to perform on the fly rather than preprogram the song structure.

I’ve got a simple song with x9 tracks

  • x4 (main drums, bass, stab, lead) @ four bar length
  • x2 of the above (chorus, verse). @ four bars length
  • x1 fill drum @ half bar length

How do I play a fill drums for half a bar, while only muting the main drum track, and then return back to the original four parts?

I’ve tried switching two groups set to length of ‘1’ and ‘sharing’. As well as having the drums share the same kit, so one mutes the other. But the deluge always plays the longest track, and in this case I need to to play the shortest… i.e. the fill.

scatter or delay is not an adequate fill for me.


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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993

    I would use shift + mute launch buttons to launch the fill and return to the main drum pattern. Using the same kit for both will switch between the kits like you said.
    Or you can have specific rows in the kit that contain fills that can be muted or unmuted, by MIDI controller too if you like.
    Or you can sequence the fill in the main drum pattern and set the notes to only occur on the the 8th repetition for example, by holding the notes and turning SELECT.

    Hope one of these suggestions helps. Like you said, the longest loop must complete for sections to switch so need to use another method.

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 63
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    Thanks for your thorough and thoughtful list of my options.

    As you said probably best to manually swap the fill/drum track, and not use deluges automated sequencing tools to do fills. Maybe I can get a foot switch to swap between the fill and main drum track, as I want to free up my hands to record a midi loop after the fill finishes. Not ideal. Perhaps I will add a suggestion that we have numbers with a dot as well, signifying that if launched the shortest loop in the group will set the length till the next change. whoops it’s been such a long time since I posted here I didn’t notice the feature request forum is shelved.

    Or I do what I’m currently doing and that I duplicate a bass sequence and shorten that to the fill length, and launch those together. Thanks for the input, got me thinking. .pax.

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