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Can't seem to Record Aftertouch Automation in Synth Clip

Brian_enoughBrian_enough Beta Tester Posts: 2
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Hello! I have been trying to read up about this and finally decided to just ask the experts :-)

I have a keystep 37 that I am using to control the Deluge. When I assign Aftertouch to a synth parameter (in a Synth clip) I can hear it effect the sound. However when I record a note, being sure to apply aftertouch, it doesn't seem to be recorded like other parameters are.

I've tried the same with pitch bend, mod wheel, and velocity. All three of those seem to get recorded along with the note on and off event. When the clip loops, I hear the note at the velocity it was played, with the same pitch bend and mod wheel performance. I just don't hear the Aftertouch performance.

Additionally when I switch to a MIDI clip, click on a gold knob, set the knob to aftertouch, play a note, and wiggle the key, I can see that the aftertouch performance has been received, since the level next to the gold knob moves along with key that I wiggled. What's more, I can see that the aftertouch performance has been recorded, since the gold knob level moves up and down if I play back the clip.

I can confirm that I am running v3.1.5 and I restored the Deluge to factory settings a few times to see if that would help. Any advice is appreciated and none is expected.

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