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Sticky & "clicky" buttons

TraubTraub Beta Tester Posts: 5

Some buttons & pads on my deluge are starting to stick a bit, at least they sound like that. Do I need to remove the cover and do some cleaning? What do you recommend?



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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 103

    +1, i have the lower audition pads that take more pressure to actually trigger. was thinking of just buying replacement pads, but wonder if opening and cleaning would do the trick. issue popped up after 1 year, 3 months

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    BholenathBholenath BerlinPosts: 1
    edited October 2021

    This happened to me as well. I could fix it by opening it up Good guide for that here: and switching the button pads. I also wrote an email to Synthstrom, who advised to clean the pads using a toothpick or Q-tip, for example with WD-40.

    The Synthstrom quote:

    Unfortunately, the sticky buttons can be a result of air humidity and differing temperatures. This can be remedied by applying a small amount of silicone lubricant around the sides of the button, which will help facilitate its movement.


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