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Deluge/other stand to be clamped to bench style keyboard stand...

lordofallbadgerslordofallbadgers Southwest UKPosts: 14
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Apologies for the cumbersome title!
I have one of those cheapie Stagg MXS-A1 bench style keyboard stands, which takes my Novation Summit. Ideally I'd like to have the Deluge & room for another synthbox (currently that's a digitone) on a shelf over the top of the Summit.
Is there something available that could clamp onto the stand to do this?

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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 45

    Afaik, unfortunately not really... I have 3 of those stands from another brand called Fun Generation. I put some wooden boards on them to use as foldable tables and searched a lot for something to attach/clamp directly to the metal construction of the stands - but with no success so far. The first "solution" was a DJ-style notebook stand that could be attached to the wooden board, but far from ideal because it was not high enough. In the end I made some wooden stands to be placed on top of the boards. Perhaps you (or someone) could craft something that fits above the Summit.

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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 45

    What i mean is something like this to be placed directly on the stand. Not the most transportable solution, though :D
    Digi & Delly on the top shelf, Summit on the low one.

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