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will Deluge ever run @48kHz

Scaper7Scaper7 AustraliaPosts: 1

i am sold on Deluge except for one thing ... it runs @44.1kHz

as of a few years back, i put the whole CD format thing behind me and switched running my system @48k ... personally, i'd find it hard to go back to 44.1 now

will Deluge ever upgrade to running 48k? ... or is this fixed @44.1 by hardware limitations?


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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 50

    Hey Scraper, I think this is not likely going to happen because the whole system is built around 44kHz/16bit.
    But what´s so wrong about 44.1kHz? Personally, I would be more interested in 32bit processing than higher samplerates on the Deluge. (This is NOT a suggestion, Rohan ;) )
    As long as you are not going to produce for video productions on the Delly or dig heavy pitch manipulation of recorded material, 44.1kHz should be totally fine.
    The only thing that can be a hassle sometimes is converting samples to be imported to the Deluge. But I´m fine with that and sampling directly into the Deluge is way more fun, anyways. :)

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    joshejoshjoshejosh Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2

    @percussijan said:
    44.1kHz should be totally fine.

    Agreed. I guess I've never really cared that much about the internal sample rate of any of my devices. Some don't even have digital I/O, so that really doesn't matter at all in that case. :smile: Sample rate conversion is a well solved problem by now. I would think having a good SRC solution in your studio is kind of a must-have?

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