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Considering switching to Deluge from Octatrack - Help needed :)


Hey Deluge Community!

A while ago I stumbled over this beautiful device, and currently I am collecting information if the Deluge might substitute my beloved-but-restrictive Octatrack. I read manuals and watched a lot of videos, could not find the right information, and before buying, I might need the help of experienced Deluge users and some confirmation or correction of my expectations:

How I use Octatrack:

// create sequences of 64 steps for both 8 audio tracks and up to 8 MIDI tracks for external gear
// create an arrangement, which links those sequences in any way I want (length, repeats, muted parts, ...) to have a "classic" song structure of Intro, Verse, Refrain, etc.
// play this arrangement, having Octatrack play back audio and control external gear via MIDI as defined in arrangement
// Permanently save the arrangement on a SD card

I expect that the Deluge is capable of:

// Having sequences longer than 64 steps and more than 8 Audio/Midi Tracks
// same
// same
// same

Important for the arrangement is, that the Deluge has a comfortable way of defining and editing a song structure I like and save it for later use.

Can someone please confirm that Deluge is capable of doing so? If yes, what is your experience with it? Does it work like a charm or is it more workaround-ish to achieve whole songs?

Question for Mixing scenarios:

Given the above described scenario that a whole song has been created on Deluge. For Mixing purposes, I want to:
// Change the Snare Drum volume in the whole song
// Change the Snare Drum volume only in certain parts of the song

Is that achievable?

Many thanks in advance!

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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyPosts: 50
    edited September 2021 Answer ✓

    The answers are....

    ... drumroll

    1) Sequences and audio/MIDI tracks? Yes!

    • Sequences of 64 steps and more (way more!) are possible.
      Number of sequenced notes is only limited by CPU power. So almost endless sequences, literally.

    • No MIDI track limit.

    • MIDI tracks can automate external gear.

    • No Audio track limit / audio track length limit.
      Limit is set by size of SD card and maybe CPU power, depending on FX/processing settings per track,
      BUT audio input is limited to 2x mono or 1x stereo. So recording/processing more than 2 audio devices at the same time does not work with the deluge. You´ll need a mixer/multichannel interface.

    2) Songs/arrangements? Yes!

    • You can easily make arrangements in A ) Song-mode: like Ableton Live session view, mute and launch clips, change parameters clip-wise or song-wise on the fly. Or B ) Arrangement-mode: Like arranging in a DAW. Build song structure, hit play, have a drink and maybe turn a few knobs.

    • Everything can be saved to SD card (You can copy any clip of any song to other songs as well, wich is really great)

    3) Mixing? Yes!

    • You can change the volume (and many more parameters) of every single step, every single drum stem (called "row" in Deluge´s kit-mode) or synth. Also whole clips can be adjusted (clip=track, btw.), as well as all params. of the whole song.

    These videos might be helpful:

    Hope this helps!

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    This actually helps a lot. Very much appreciated and many thanks!

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    RCPRCP MontrealBeta Tester Posts: 3

    Hi, @percussijan I'm wondering about what you said about being able to change e.g. a snare volume through an entire song. This doesn't seem to be possible to me. How would one do that?

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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 50

    Add some clips in ARRNG view and hit [PLAY]. Then simply switch back to SONG or CLIP view and change levels or other parameters as usual. Arrangement will keep playing until end or you hit [PLAY] again.

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