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Trouble activating ARP....


I’ve had my Deluge almost 7 days and I’ve been trying to soak as much in as I can as quickly as I can.
I’m having trouble activating the arp.
I hold shifts then press the arp shortcut, 5th one to the left on the bottom right corner.
What’s going on? It gives me a setting I can adjust 0-50 but no arp patterns.
I’ve just installed the newest firmware and I have the shortcuts printed on the Deluge.
The manual isn’t clear in how to activate either, must be something I missed. Any help would be appreciated.


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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 96
    edited January 2018

    thats the the point ..
    just move your finger a bit up to the top .. in the 5th row from ARP is a button with the shortcut MODE there you have to enable it. :blush:

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    Rian78Rian78 USAPosts: 18

    Thank you! Good grief.
    Yeah I see the branching lines now!
    Awesome, thank you.
    Little by little, bit by bit.

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