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Akai MPX8 pad player controlling Deluge drum kit: why is there a delay; why is it louder?


Hi Delugers,

I connected my Akai MPX8 to the Midi In of my Deluge and experimented with 'learning' drum samples (just using the preset Kit 0).

When I hit one of the pads on the Akai, there was a 1 second delay before the sample is heard (issue #1).

This issue seemed to persist, then I took a 20-min break and when I came back, there was no delay.

HOWEVER, I 'learned' more samples from the kit with the Akai, and found another issue: hi hats can't apparently be triggered as close together as I'd like. I can play them close together on the Deluge, but not on the Akai (issue #2).

Are issues #1 and #2 linked: is it an issue with transmitting note data?

Finally, the volume of samples triggered on the Akai is much louder vs those played on the Deluge. Can I turn it (the input level or sensitivity) down somehow? (issue #3)

Thanks in advance for help!


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    synchrosystemsynchrosystem Greater Los AngelesPosts: 6

    Can anyone (or admin) help or advise?

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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 46

    Don´t know what could have caused the 1sec. delay. That´s a little strange... Is that issue reproduceable somehow?

    What do you mean with "triggered as close together as I´d like"?

    The pads on MPX8 are velocity sensitive, Deluges pads are not. You can configure the MPX8 to behave the way you like using the Akai software editor.

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 243

    I use the Akai LPD8 and have no delay with the pads. You may need to configure the MPX8?
    But yeah you'll need to turn down the OSC volumes of the samples in you kit.

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    jurgisjurgis vilniusBeta Tester Posts: 28

    MPK mini II pads have variable delay of about 15ms-25ms. AKAI confirmed this. I don't know how people keep using their stuff

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