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Deluge + Novation SL MK3: My thoughts so far (Tips and Tricks are mostly welcome)

Maj7sus2Maj7sus2 Vienna, AustriaPosts: 12

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a SLmk3 template for the Deluge and wanted to share my thoughts so far, hoping that someone with more experience than me will give insights / tips / tricks. The Deluge is my only hardware synth so far and am not planning on adding meat to the plate (an Op-1 would be nice, but waiting for a good second hand to show)

What I noticed so far is that Deluge seems to remember all the mappings done via MIDILEARN (I usually connect the SL via USB) on a per Song basis: This takes away my initial need for a CC list for the Deluge (I did not find it in the manual), for I would just need to create labels for the knobs / Faders and then map them once on a Track which then would become my starting point for composing.

This solves the faders and the rotary knobs, but does not take care of the buttons, which I wanted to use for stuff such as Program change (swap between patches) or other tweaking for the synth engine.

What I did not understand so far is also how to make a good use of the 8 tracks, meaning whether it would make more sense to keep the Mixing / Panning / Tracks and section Triggering part on the Deuge itself and use the controls to have a live sound design station for each patch or use the SL as the centerpiece of the performance and the Deluge as a sound unit.

How would you guys work on connecting the two? Every thought is more than welcome: I actually got the SL mk3 as an Ableton Controller to avoid this entire mapping madness altogether, but could not picture myself using a computer on stage and ended up falling in love with the Dawless vibe :D

All the bests from Vienna, Austria,


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    percussijanpercussijan GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 50

    Hey Edo,
    this is more a philosophical question about workflow, I think. Perhaps controlling most of synth parameters, envelopes, LFO stuff etc. with the SLmk3 could become handy when playing live, but still using the Deluge for arrangement and some funny FX stuff?
    For using ​the Deluge as just a sound unit it has too much greatness to offer IMO.

    Personally I like to use the Deluge as a centerpiece live-arrangement-wise. I seldom use the actual ARRNG view to create songs, primarily the SONG view to interact with clips live.

    Currently I use a Minilab mk2 and a MPC 226. Minilab acts as keyboard and (depending on the project) to control looper functions. MPC for drumming and melody stuff (custom notes/scales on pads), looper control and mixing (eg. clip volume & panning, some FX). For launching/muting etc. I use the Deluge itself. When I need more keys, I use a Impulse 61 instead of the Minilab. Then some mixing is also done with the knobs and faders.

    Because some functions can (as far as I know) not be mapped - like setting sample start- and end points, I have to touch the Deluge quite often... so some more Dellybutton-pushing does not bother me at all.

    I think both, the SLmk3 and the Deluge are very, very flexible units and there are endless ways of setting these two up. This freedom of choice can sometimes be the biggest problem :) I personally like to just jam around and then map things the way I need them. This has evolved in some more or less permanent mapping-setups over time where I feel right at home.

    Happy jamming

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    Maj7sus2Maj7sus2 Vienna, AustriaPosts: 12

    Hey Jan,
    I really like your answer! And I agree, using the Deluge just for sound is reductive, but at the same time if I use the Sl for live note input it would make more sense to manipulate the sounds directly from it, rather than manouvering two machines at the same time.

    I will probably set up a Template set with some basic premappings on the Deluge and start from there: I am actually thinking of using the Deluge in hybrid settings (electronics with live musicians ) so I guess how I work with it will also be influenced by the inputs I will receive from my fellow colleagues.

    Thanks for your input again!


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    johnfranklinjohnfranklin YorkshirePosts: 12

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking into an SL and thought this might be a good place to ask ....... Can the PAN encoders function if assigned to other parameters, filter freq for example, or do they not work in the same way as what look like the endless encoders also on the unit?


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    Maj7sus2Maj7sus2 Vienna, AustriaPosts: 12

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

    You should be able to assign any parameter easily via Midilearn (this works both for the deluge quick access shortcuts and the sl)

    if you rewrite a shortcut on deluge, it will stop changing the previous parameter (this works on a project file basis, meaning : every new song you'd have to redo it )

    Also, deluge remembers mappings (also on a song basis), so if you set up a Template Song where you mapped your SL through , you will not need to do the work again :)

    I hope this helps you.


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    GheedoughGheedough Melbourne Posts: 8

    @Maj7sus2 hey, how are you tracking with this? I'm looking at the SLMkiii to use with the Deluge as I like the option to have LEDs for parameter knobs so I can see what I'm controlling. For that, I'd probably need to set up a template in the Deluge as well as the Novation - is that what you're doing and how do you like this setup?

    I'd mostly be keen to control the internal synths and volume controls, and just switch MIDI channel per track.

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