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Corr/ audition pads

BezalelBezalel United StatesPosts: 46

Hey guys I was prompted to do a collect and save on a project, to investigate some audition pad issues. Well now when I load said song the screen reads (Corr) .
Any insight guys?
Also my bottom 5 audition pads are very unresponsive. Any insight guys... As always thank you kindly.
Cheerio 🧐


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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 97

    try entering test mode in deluge to see if pads work properly: press and hold the first three gold knob-associated pads. (level/pan, cutoff/res, & attack/release)

    if not then contact support.
    for Corr issue, load sim card into computer and search/delete any files that that start with "._", get rid of these hidden files.

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    BezalelBezalel United StatesPosts: 46

    Thanks Reza!
    I'll check it soon as I get in this evening.

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    BezalelBezalel United StatesPosts: 46

    A new set of audition pads seems to be the fix. Installed pads, entered Test Mode, and all seems well. Prior to the new pads, test mode the bottom 5 pads were not responding correctly. Thanks for all of your help.
    Cheers n Cheerios 🧐

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