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Here's 27 free synth patches! Also, I reposted forum presets onto patchstorage...



I've posted a bundle of 27 presets I've been tinkering with over the last year.

Yesterday I was talking with people on discord brainstorming a way to consolidate presets into a single place for everyone. Thought up some sort of naming conventions that might be possible if we managed a database of presets, but then we realized patchstorage already has a Synthstrom Deluge section and works well, but no one had seemed to use it yet. Here's other notes from the conversation:

I went through the 2 pages of preset threads and reposted the ones that seemed to be freely shared with everyone on the forum onto patchstorage. I tried to link the author and their patreon / forum post / profile if there was one linked. I avoided paid preset packs. If anyone didn't want their preset pack reposted, please leave a comment here or a reply on patchstorage and I'll take it down. Does anyone know who manages patchstorage? Do they own all the content on the platform or does synthstrom manage all the Deluge posted content?

Patchstorage supports zip files and upload tags so you can upload a single synth patch and tag it as "Bass" so that when users want to go looking for new bass patches, they can sort through the ones posted. Alternatively, you can post a zip file of say 27 presets you've made over the past year or two into a bundle pack for people to download in bulk. If you do upload patches, it'd be nice to have associated audio samples to hear what it sounds like. :)

There was a great suggestion to have "Post a Patch Sunday" which would be a fun thing to encourage sharing of sounds.

(Maybe ask someone for a sound prompt, like FM bells, then post the result!)


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