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External effects - all or nothing?


Correct me if I misunderstand, but there isn't really a way to have live external effects on just some tracks on the Deluge, right? Since all audio gets sent out together? I have a mixer, 2 external synths, and 2 external fx pedals. I can use the fx send of the mixer for the external synths of course, but if I want them on, say, a sample I have on the Deluge, I can only apply the fx to the entire Deluge (including the drum tracks which is no good [delay fx]), or do some resampling, which eliminates being able to tweak the fx live.

Am I seeing this clearly? Sorry if this has been addressed before, I have been searching for previous related posts.


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    tbrensingertbrensinger Fresno, CAPosts: 1

    I’m about to go to bed, but I imagine that if you run a mono mix with everything hard panned to the left output channel then the right channel plus the input on the deluge could serve as an fx loop. I’ve been meaning to test that.

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