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Novation Peak controlling Deluge Synth engine

KillertomatoKillertomato berlinBeta Tester Posts: 10

So I thought it would be fun to map my Novation Peak controls to the Deluge Synth. Just to make it easier to build some synth presets for the Deluge. Whenever I mapped a knob to a parameter and tried to change it the Deluge jumps between the values 0 and 25. Does anyone know why that happens and if there is a way to make it work? I tried it with a midi Keyboard and that works. It is just that the Peak has so many knobs that are logically assigned (OSC Mixer section, effects, LFO->Filter etc.) that it would be a great controller for the engine.


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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 97
    edited August 2021

    @Killertomato it's because a lot of peaks' knobs are sending NRPN messages, standard midi messages go from 0-127 while NRPN can have unique values. deluge doesn't seem to support them currently. you can tell which knobs send NRPN with peak (and summit) generally when knobs go to 0-255, a finer resolution. some of the knobs that sit at 12oclock that go +127 and -126 are going to cause similar issues while knobs that sit at 12oclock that go +63 -63 can work (but not as a negative to positive encoder, just one that goes from 0-50)

    i just tried to map my novation summit and basically had to find other non-NRNP knobs to map to. for instance pre-filter distortion knob is mapped to deluge's LPF cutoff since it's right next to my summit's resonance.

    a nice trick is that some knobs on the peak and summit have clickable options (like shape mod can switch from manual, env 1, and lfo1) which allows you to set the same knob to three different parameters on the deluge, just so long as you remember to switch to the corresponding one on ur synth.

    for now, you have to get creative with it, and there are limitations abound (like not being able to have knobs go into negative values)

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