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1st attempt at a track

bartjanbartjan netherlandsPosts: 6

I bought the deluge last year and have enjoyed playing around with it. My skill level at making music had previously only been limited to playing on the piano. Thus I have no knowledge of how to make a track and what's usually included and how they are layed out (currently still reading electronic dance music by rick snoman).

Thus I simply just play around to find something I like and try to make a decent sounding loop.

This is the 41st loop I saved and the 1st one I like enough to post :D

Track 1 = 909 drumkit
Track 2 = Boards of Deluge 10 - vapor pad
Track 3 = Boards of Deluge 33 - lead from tapes
Track 4 = Boards of Deluge 31 - retro bass
Track 5 = Boards of Deluge 31 - retro bass (different variation)
Track 6 = Boards of Deluge 59 - strange finale

Chord progression is a simply Eb major7 - C minor7 - G minor7 - G minor7

Any feedback is welcome :)

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    DaEmbassyDaEmbassy SydneyPosts: 54

    I think that is a GREAT first attempt at a track. Congratulations.
    And well done on sharing the information about which Kits/Synths you used. It's not something that forum users seem to do here.
    Which "Boards of Deluge" pack did you buy (1, 2, 3 or 4)? I bought #4



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    bartjanbartjan netherlandsPosts: 6

    I bought Boards of Deluge 1, 2 and 3. These are from 1 and 2 (hence track 6 (or should i say clip?) being a number above 50).

    I just noticed the kick doesn't seem to come through well in this recording, it was much louder in my headset.
    Makes me wonder if the bass on the headset is simply to loud, although beyerdynamic dt 770 pro should be good as reference monitor, or if the ipad recording somehow removes lower frequencies.

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