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Help with setting up Deluge to record into Ableton Live (M1 Macbook)

melchrmelchr United StatesPosts: 10
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Hi all,

I have an Audiobox USB midi interface i'm trying to connect my Deluge through to my M1 MacBook. I've gotten so far that the deluge is registering sound into the interface, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the audio into my computer. I'm using a USB connector since M1 macbooks do not come with standard USB input.

Any thoughts/tips here? Pictures would be great if anyone has a similar setup.

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    I don't have any of the hardware you mentioned, but I'll try anyway.
    When you plug in your interface into your MacBook, do you get any response that something connected?
    If no then maybe the adapter or missing drivers are the problem (though I don't know if the latter are a thing with iOS).
    If yes, that's good. You could try set the interface as the standard audio output device. If that works, then input will work too.
    Which software are you using to record the input? In that software you can choose which input it is listening to. There you have to choose the interface.

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    melchrmelchr United StatesPosts: 10

    I'm using Ableton Live. I chose my Audiobox USB for the input, both on a MIDI channel as well as an AUDIO channel but nothing picks up. My macbook is registering my audiobox bc it allows me to select it, so it seems things are all hooked up properly, which is why i'm so confused. anything else I should check?

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    Oh okay that sounds right to me so far. Hm. Sorry I'm just guessing, I have no idea.
    Can you hear the deluge through the headphone output of the interface? Do you have other gear that you successfully used with your interface?

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    TengaugeTengauge Posts: 8

    If your gear and ports are all set up.Deluge>mixer>audio interface>mac>Ableton
    then open an Audio track in ableton and choose the input from your interface.
    play something on the deluge and you should see green lights on all the output channels that are registering the synth.Any of those will work

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