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Roland Juno 106 (Cloud) Multisample Pack | [ combined 2x square oscillators w/ Juno Chorus #2 ]

geornageorna United KingdomPosts: 5

Hi Deluge-rs,

This is my first post, nice to meet you all.

I multisampled the Roland Cloud Juno 106 (using the square and sub square oscillators, with the 2nd chorus setting switched on).

Whilst this (of course) isn't quite as good as a real Juno 106, it still sounds fantastic! The lowend really rumbles, and it's an excellent starting point for manipulating the ADSR, filters and mod matrix inside the Deluge (who doesn't want an almost Juno in a box?).


I'm not including a preset, just the multisamples, since some people on the forums have issues because they place them in the wrong folder location. I'll explain how to create your own playlist below, so that the folder placement is irrelevant.

I used EndlessWAV to create the loop points and set the correct notes, so you shouldn't have to do any tinkering.


Link (press the drop down arrow next to J604 and then press 'download' to grab the whole folder):


To make your own preset, please do the following:

Drag the 'J604' folder into a folder on the Deluge's SD card (using a computer, I use a folder called 'Multisamples' inside the 'Samples' folder).
Turn on the deluge, press SHIFT + SYNTH to create an init synth.
Hold one of the AUDITION pads (on the right) and press LOAD.
It should say 'Bot to Top', click the black knob to the left of the screen.
Use the scroll knob and buttons to navigate to the J604 folder (that you recently added), then click until you hear the Juno sample preview played/see the waveform on the pads.
HOLD DOWN the black knob until it says 'MULTI'. Then single click.
Done, it should be loaded.

You can now play and manipulate the synth however you like.

If this doesn't work, follow Mr Wiggly's tutorial exactly here at 28:13


You should also be able to save the patch with SAVE + SYNTH (then type in a name with the QWERTY pad and press save, if I remember correctly). If I've made any mistakes, please let me know and I'll amend.


I love Juno patch sounds with a short attack, no sustain, short decay, low pass filter all the way down, and then envelope 2 modulating the filter frequency (where envelope 2 has a similar shape to env1, but I like to mess with env2 to get varying sounds - which is why I modulate the filter frequency using envelope 2, rather than envelope 1, since env1 would change the ADSR of the sound). Just a little idea to perhaps spark some ideas. A similar sound was used in Jon Bellion's 'Guillotine' (if you haven't seen the behind the scenes video on YouTube, might be something to check out, it always inspires me every time I watch it!).

If you make anything with this pack, please post here so I can listen :)

If you have any ideas for more packs, let me know!

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