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Open Source

michaellmichaell Baltimore, MarylandPosts: 3

Hi Ya'll (but specifically Rohan and crew),

Have you ever considered open sourcing the firmware for the deluge? Y'all have created a brilliant platform and I think the community could accelerate the feature set in really interesting ways. If you look at the Linux Kernel, for instance, Linus started it, but today it runs the world. I could totally see the synthstrom platform serving as a kernel for all sorts of interesting feature development. What do yall think?



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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator, Beta Tester, Mentor Posts: 1,008

    This has been asked a number of times before, and the answer is or at least has been that they aren't really interested in that :)

    ~ Distinguished Delugate ᕕ( ◎_◎)ᕗ

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    KenoubiKenoubi United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 46

    I have low hopes, but this would be by a very wide margin the best thing Synthstrom could do for their community, and I think it's fair to remind them of that once in a while, in case whatever their reasons for not doing it cease to apply.

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 613
    edited May 2021

    If there comes a time we stop developing the software and feel 'finished', we'll consider it, but we're a long way from that place so it's not worth losing any sleep over thinking about this at the moment. Rohan’s joy is coding. Not gonna take that away from him and let everyone else have all the fun :)
    Btw, please don't try debate us on this. We're fans of the open source movement and of course understand the benefits it has, this is a decision we've made.

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