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Logidy Footswitch UMI3


Has anyone been able to successfully use the Logidy UMI3 MIDI footswitch? I plugged it into the Deluge (with the Deluge being powered by a 9V power supply) and the USB light of the UMI3 stays lit with the Deluge unresponsive to MIDI notes. I've reached out to both Logidy and Synthstrom and neither has been able to help.

Logidy's response:
That piece of hardware has a reduced USB host stack implementation that is unable to deal with the multiple device configuration of the UMI3 (Class MIDI + Class vendor HID). Some hardware hosts get it right (QSC, Fishman...), some don't. Other users have reported the same issue with this host. A solution can only come from an improvement on the manufacturer's end. They seem aware of this shortcoming and have apparently communicated about fixing it sometime in the future. You might want to bring this back to their attention.

I am considering buying an external MIDI host to convert the USB of the UMI3 to DIN but am curious if anyone has been able to use it in this configuration before purchasing the MIDI host.

Thanks in advance.


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    blassnerblassner USAPosts: 3

    I've tried a few things and have been unable to get the UMI3 footswitch to work with the Deluge as a host. Tried separate power supplies, buying a direct USB-B to USB-cable. running to in tandem with a PC, and no luck. Strangely enough, the Deluge is the only device that doesn't seem to work. Tried plugging into a few different computers and some other stand alone hardware, and it works fine. I was able to get my Zoia working as a loop pedal using the MIDI DIN input on the Deluge. So, maybe an external host would work. I would be worried about running into the same issue with the UMI3 not registering though.

    That being said, the Deluge looper is MUCH more usable with a footswitch. Its significantly easier to get my timing right when playing guitar or an external keyboard. I just hate using the Zoia as a looper switch though, because then I loose most of my external effects processing.

    Also, if you're looking for other options, I just picked up a Maschine this week. It has a built in footswitch TRS jack and seems to work with most of my current pedals as a looper without any additional programming or setup.

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 135

    Two things you can check:

    1. Is the UMI3 set to send note data? The looping command and other commands need to be mapped to notes from a controller (done so in the settings “CMD” menu), not CCs or anything else.

    2. The Deluge needs to be powered by 9-12v power in order to use MIDI over usb.

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    blassnerblassner USAPosts: 3

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried powering the Deluge separately via AC, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. The UMI3 is programmed to send MIDI notes on channel one. The main issue is that the UMI3 needs to recognize a PC host in order to start working. For some reason, I can't get it to recognize the Deluge as a host device. Until it sees a USB host, the UMI3 will send any data.

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    PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canadaPosts: 84

    Had finaly some times yesterday to try my good old logidy UMI3 foot switch with looper commands... same issu as mentionned above unfortunately, bummer!!
    The pedal works just fine with macbook and ipad, and it is my only midi device so far that does not work with the Deluge...
    Any development on this?

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 55

    I have the same problems you describe but with a different midi controller. (See here:

    Synthstrom support couldn't help me with this.
    After a while I asked:
    "Is there a chance that the next update will fix my problem or will I have to buy a different midi keyboard?"

    And @Ian_Jorgensen 's answer was:
    "I don't believe there is any further development on supporting additional types of devices."


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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 452

    If somebody wants to get the manufacturer to send us one, or if somebody wants to send us one, we can look at it, but industry standard commands are recognized and there is little we can do without a device I'm sorry :/

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