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Deluge Pro... maybe possible?

100000bps100000bps PolandPosts: 2
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Just a suggestion... im no one, im just in love with deluge; but having various other equipment (OT, Live and some more) i'd really love to have "the ultimate" box. Deluge is like 85% there, and ahead of the game on many fronts and is also ultrafast to write on but.... there are some things that blocks it as "the ultimate centrepiece" for me.... and prolly for many others here.

Hardware side:

  1. Nice OLED screen
  2. 16 macro knobs that are assignable
  3. 2 assignable strips
  4. 8-12-16 individual outs
  5. Better / stronger specs

Software side:
1. Automation view and drawing for every parameter local in tracks and global in arrangement.
2. Mixing view
3. Compressor with side chain
4. Folded Scale View
5. View stuff on screen - normal folder file structure, naming etc.

Lets say it would be 2k... i'd buy in 5s after announcement ;)
What do you think?

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    xybrexybre Chicago, USAPosts: 15

    I suggest maybe pairing it with a Faderfox and a Touche instead of adding a bunch of stuff to the hardware unit. Much more modular and portable and more flexible.

    I would like a better way to see what's going on than the current LED display, but cest la vie. One can use other tools to get an okay view on whats going on instead.

    But for all your software ideas, add them as suggestions in that forum, you might get them.

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 200

    If you only would add a bigger screen to that, you'll have an mpc or force ;)

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    DiamondEyesDiamondEyes Maidenhead, UKPosts: 39

    drawing automation parameters, yes to that!

    Just a "slightly" better screen. That's all it needs.

    @xybre said:
    I suggest maybe pairing it with a Faderfox and a Touche instead of adding a bunch of stuff to the hardware unit. Much more modular and portable and more flexible.

    Hope Synthstrom might consider producing their own Deluge companion controller?

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    WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 236

    I really really dig my Deluge, but to be totally honest: I can't say that I consider it an instrument for Full time Professional use. I've had too many little issues, snags and lock ups to ever consider using it in a live context - I need a more reliable piece of kit (and YES, with a more informative display as well)

    I fully support your ideas, but am not holding my breath.....

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    ridsrids Posts: 7

    I'm all for a bigger Deluge. I definitely welcome more knobs, but I think a full screen would be much more beneficial. Both even better. But I was thinking that an iPad controller could be sufficient if Synthstrom is really insistent on not wanting to create another product or add on.

    Where on this forum do people place there suggestions?

    I really like the Deluge layout of 8 rows of 16 steps all in view at one time. The Akai Force opened my eyes to being able to see 32 or 64 steps of a single track at once. I really like that you have different modes to choose from, basically customizing the pad layout however you want. But while the Force has the ability to see 32 or 64 steps of a track at once, it doesn't have the ability to see multiple tracks with steps more than 8 at once.

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    WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 236

    ....and I hate to sound like a broken record - I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this:

    How about a powerful software editor for programming......I've been into synths since the early 80's and my programming skills are solid, but seeing multiple values and being able to Cut & Paste parameters on a screen is so much more efficient!

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614

    Please be careful about where this conversation goes, if strays into software suggestions, I'll need to remove those posts (along with new policy), besides, surely speculating on possible hardware is way more interesting? Please try and keep along those lines... this conversation feels like it would be more beneficial to discuss in terms of balancing faders/knobs, small knobs/big knobs, dedicated/learnable knobs, screens, I/O, X/Y, strips, CV/gate out/in, etc...

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    kilroykilroy CanadaBeta Tester Posts: 25

    I'm guessing the challenge is supporting an external software package in a small company. It takes a ton of resources and places you on a never ending treadmill. Even if you only support iOS (enraging half the population), you end up getting forced to do maintenance and even major overhauls ever few iOS releases. And you'll still get people wanting Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Each with their own matrix of versions to support over time. It's a huge effort.

    An easier route might be to expose midi and midi sysex messages and leave it up to the community to build UIs. But I have no idea how complex that gets and what sharp edges exist from a long term supportability perspective.

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