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Strange issues using Deluge and Virus (Seq Mode)

MikeShogunaiMikeShogunai EdinburghPosts: 8


Unfortuntely, the Virus manual is less than what I would call descriptive when it comes to this topic, so I though I would see if there was anybody here that had the same setup and could help.

Basically, I am wanting to use at least 3 and hopefully 5/6 channels of the Virus controlled by individual MIDI channels of the Deluge with no computer involved, but it seems like I need to have VC open in order to get the Sequencer Mode on the Virus to play ball. If I use Ableton as a go between for the Deluge and Virus, then everything works as I think it should, with Program/Bank/Sub group changes working perfectly per channel, 1-16 on the deluge mapped perfectly across 1-16 of the Virus. But standalone, I can be on one specific Deluge channel as before, but when using PG changes it will change patches on every channel of the Virus. And one channel will sometimes trigger multiple channels of the virus, but with seemingly no reason.

Any help would be very appreciated! Cheers


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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 47

    Why do you need sequencer mode on the Virus?
    Does it not work correctly with the Virus in Multi Mode?

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 47

    OK, I've just tried this with my Virus Ti in sequencer mode, connected directly to the Deluge (no computer, no VC), and program and bank changes work exactly as you would expect (i.e. send a program or bank change,and only the Virus channel corresponding to the Deluge MIDI channel changes).
    Have you tried it in Multi Mode? Does the same thing happen then?

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United KingdomPosts: 47

    I think the problem may lie in the Virus config.
    Edit Config>Program Change> Disabled/Enabled: Specifies whether the MIDI message"Program Change" will switch Single programs. This applies to programs in Single mode as well as parts in Multi or Sequencer mode.

    Multi Prog. Change> Disabled/Enabled: Specifies whether the MIDI message"Program Change" will switch the entire Multi Mode program if received on the global MIDI channel (see "GlobalChannel" on page 152).

    Virus Ti manual pages 153 and 154.

    Good luck...

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    recursorrecursor UKPosts: 32

    Shame the OP didn't get back to you @MoonWolf ! some good tips though! Does the Virus generally play well with the Deluge?!

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