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Pre-Mapping other midi controllers to the deluge

ZenNynjaZenNynja Osaka, JapanPosts: 6
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I have a simple questions I can not seem to find an answer for. If I have a midi controller such as the Faderfox MX12 or Novation Launch Control for controlling my deluge, can you map them to channels before they are created on the deluge?

I clearly understand how to map the deluge to other controllers once the track exists. But, can I create a template that will automatically map say track 1 of the controller to track 1 of the deluge (2 with 2, 3 with 3, etc)? This way, when I am creating new tracks on the deluge on the fly, it is already automatically mapped to the controller. Or, will I have to wait to actually map those parameters once the track is created in deluge.

1 way offers the ability to improv much better. The other allows you to simply prepare for a performance of a piece.

I would love some insight into this.

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