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MatrixBrute Sample Collection


Greetings all! I spent some time with my MatrixBrute recently and wanted to share a few of the patches I created as multi-samples. There are 5 instruments in the pack:

  • Gritty Bass
  • Metal Bass
  • Thick Bass
  • Hollow Droplet (nice plucky, lead kind of thing)
  • Slow Wow (lead, pad or bass. Play the low notes to hear how it got its name :smile:)

I did not include my XML files because you'll probably want to tweak the release times as well as delay and reverb settings to your own liking.

You can find them as a ZIP file here:!AtmepGV6Nypgh_sx52kifxuB0WJmxA?e=WcIW8H

I hope you enjoy!


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