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Entire song CC parameter changes with external gear

AllfxAllfx AustraliaPosts: 11

Hey guys, im trying to control entire song parameters such as frequency using CC from my softstep 2. It wont let me get into the settings using the shift button while im in song view so it seems to be impossible to do that way. It also does not appear possible using the gold knob. This leaves me stumped. Is this possible? I have tried to do this at the track level and it seems to work using the shift functions but only seems to work with synths. If i try it on a kit track then only the last audition pad with be affected. So confusing. I would love to know if anyone found a way around this or even had this issue.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    It is not possible yet to control song/fx parameters like the global delay, filter, ..
    For a Kit you need to midi learn each row individually.

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    Joe_SheepJoe_Sheep AVL USPosts: 9

    I would really love to have midi control over the global fx. This is something I could use for live performances, if that ever becomes a thing again.

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