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Deluge as a brain for a DAWless setup? (vs Digitone) / sounds a bit thin?


hi! Considering purchasing a Deluge, would love some opinion,

I love what the Deluge can offer, and I'm trying to decide between a Digitone or a Deluge for the brain of a new DAWless hub (trying to get away from software). From what I've heard though, Deluge sounds rather thin - or is that just me? It Not heard anyone do anything that sounds that beefy or substantial.

But as a starting point, this could be my choice. Looking at the effects though, any compression? Any overdrive/distortion? I feel like the Digitone might have the edge when it comes to the actual SOUND.

But the Deluge looks like it offers way more in terms of a brain. Song mode, unlimited tracks, huge polyphony... and so on. Ideally I'd like both! But can't afford that right now!

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    o_oo_o Beta Tester Posts: 28
    edited September 2020

    From what I've heard though, Deluge sounds rather thin - or is that just me? It Not heard anyone do anything that sounds that beefy or substantial.

    Before you decide against the Deluge due to its sound, make sure to check these out 🙂

    That sounds beefy enough to my ears 🙂 but of course it's also a matter of taste.

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    jameslondon74jameslondon74 LondonPosts: 4

    Yeah that's great to hear, thank you. I haven't seen many people push the Deluge to that level.

    What functions / effects / sound design tools does it have to push it there? Overdrive? Compression? Etc?
    I love the sjidechaining aspect, and from the manual I see it has some distortion type effects, but does it have anything to add warmth, character and grit? You know - to push it...

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    PaulHPaulH NetherlandsPosts: 6

    I don't use the deluge much for it sound capabilities, but if you're going to expand to other gear in the future the deluge will be a great hub for its sequencing capabilitites, which in my opinion is already a good reason to choose it over the digitone.

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    knellknell United StatesPosts: 2

    the built in sound engine is just the icing on the cake, the sampler and sequencer alone make it worth it as a brain in a DAWless setup. 16 channel MIDI, CV, Gate, Line-In, Loops and Resamples, hard to ask for more.

    feed the audio out to a separate mastering panel if you really want to get fancy with extra compression etc, you can EQ and mix on board as well. or record each part of your song as a stem and master later on.

    for me “Saturation” is all the distortion i need, but you can also audio out to a pedalboard and then resample, really limitless

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    KomplexKomplex Soundform RecordingsBeta Tester Posts: 82
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    Deluge sounds like what you feed into it via samples. If you put in beefy saturated samples, the sound will be beefy and saturated. Alternatively, if you want to re-colour the overall tone, just slap a colour device over the main outputs.

    It's naturally a very digital sounding unit because, you guessed it, it's entirely digital ;)

    But I will mention that it's excellent at lo-fi-ing stuff up using the onboard efx!

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    DiamondEyesDiamondEyes Maidenhead, UKPosts: 39

    compression, warmth, character and grit etc all can be added at the mastering stage....
    I have seen RMR using an Elektron Analogue Heat.
    Plus there is the OTO Machines Boum you might consider....

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    AntsnowAntsnow Ventura, CA, USAPosts: 3

    I’m currently running a full hardware setup with the Deluge. 6 synths, a sampler, and a drum machine. Works fine, no timing issues if you use an active thru box. The Digitone only has 4 MIDI tracks, where as the Deluge can comfortably do 16 MIDI and 2x CV. The internal synth engine is definitely limited, but works fine for accompanying other dedicated synths. The sampler, on the other hand, is awesome and has a ton of functionality. Both are great units, but the deluge is the perfect brain and I will stand by that statement to my grave lol

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