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Suggestion: Deluge Sequencer (sequencer only)

MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 157
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I know a lot of people who use the Deluge only for its terrific sequencer capabilities, to sequence other gear.

How awesome would it be if Synthstrom Audible would make a sequencer-only version of the Deluge?


  • Same grid, same sequencer - with the wonderful piano roll view etc.
  • An Ableton Session View style clip launch mode instead of the current song mode
  • Instead of the current gold knobs + button combo -> 8 multi functional encoders which can be easily configured and switchable between "global" (midi CC/CV control across multiple tracks), "currently selected track" (CC/CV control) and "Note input control" (velocity/note length/etc.)
  • 2 midi DIN output ports + class compliant USB port + a dedicated USB midi HOST port (to connect a midi keyboard)
  • Multiple CV+Gate+Mod outputs (4 or more would be great)
  • Multiple extra gate outputs for drums (8 or more)
  • Midi FX per track
  • Program change configurable per clip
  • Save/load Profiles (= midi settings for a specific instrument)
  • Total number of tracks: 48 (16 per DIN + 16 for USB)

I'd buy one!

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,066

    interesting idea. yeah, move popular feature requests to new hardware sounds like a good strategy to continue the Synthstrom brand. in my mind new D hardware should run the same core OS, i would not like to see eg. a new song mode only implemented in the sequencer D.
    i’d opt for thinking about new hardware, so i can extend the current D. like the Elektron or Volca series.
    i like the sequence-only idea but i would like to have a reason to buy it if i already have a D. like include a second-screen feature, so a sequencer D would allow me to work on the same song with two D’s, and i am sold :)
    another hardware idea i had was a “studio D”, same core OS but studio style connectivity (like more audio ports), likely at the expense of portabiliy.
    maybe Rohan is not about that and he just wants to perfect the D and maybe does not depend on sales to make a living. i’d be very happy with that too. However, I dont know anything about Synthstroms long term plans anyway. i just hope they can continue the D saga :)

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 157

    Oh yeah I forgot about adding an OLED screen :)

    It would certainly make sense to also add the software upgrades (like vertical Ableton style clip launch mode, MIDI FX, Midi Profiles, etc) to the current Deluge as well. But I'm sure if Rohan would do that. I love how dedicated he is in perfecting the Deluge. It will generate a lot of loyal customers.

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