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Deluge not sending MIDI out via Usb to Minilogue XD. What am I missing?

XXGABEXXXXGABEXX Chattanooga, TNPosts: 3

Hi all, I'm trying to control my Minilogue XD module with my Deluge via USB, but they don't seem to be communicating. I've been able to do so going the 5-pin route, so I know they can communicate.

The Deluge is powered by a center-negative wall wart.
The USB cable is connected while both are off.
The MIDI channel is the same.
The Deluge is set to 'master.'
The Minilogue is set to receive MIDI clock via USB-only.
I have consulted and re-consulted both manuals.
What am I missing? Please tell me it's something simple. (:


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    kilroykilroy CanadaPosts: 25
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    I just gave it a quick try with my regular Minilogue XD. I'm able to control the Deluge from my XD via USB but not vice versa. I can press play on the XD and that starts the sequencer on the Deluge. I can also midi learn the keyboard to play the Deluge synth. But when I set up a midi track on the Deluge it doesn't send notes to the XD.


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    XXGABEXXXXGABEXX Chattanooga, TNPosts: 3

    Ah! Thank you so much for replicating the setup and confirming what I was afraid of. Not the reply I was hoping for, but I'm glad to know I'm not completely clueless. (: Thanks again!

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    shambolicshambolic londonPosts: 1

    crap. i have just been breaking my nut on this same thing. i guess solvable with 'proper' midi cables (not that i've tried yet) but far from ideal.

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    alexandermonalexandermon FloridaPosts: 3

    This seems to be a widespread issue with USB midi, and I don't believe it's the Deluge's fault.

    For example:

    1. The OP-1 can send and receive midi over USB without issue.

    2. The Korg Prologue cannot receive midi over USB. Similar to your described scenario with the XD.

    I believe when you plug these devices into your computer, it would auto-install a driver to ensure bi-directional USB midi. Without this driver, it falls back on class compliant midi standards and does not work properly.

    The idea of hardware acting as USB midi hosts is still relatively new, and it seems like a lot of manufacturers are not currently designing their devices to play seamlessly in this scenarios.

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    manysoundsmanysounds The GunksBeta Tester Posts: 43

    This is a problem with both Korg and Roland every single #%%#* year. They get "clever" with their USB implementation instead of using the #%^@#% USB CLASS COMPLIANT MIDI STANDARD :)

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    reason1892reason1892 Posts: 5

    Has anybody had any luck with this on firmware 4.0? Am having the same issue with the Korg 2600.

    Deluge receives MIDI fine, but MIDI out goes into a black hole.

    In Audio MIDI Setup, the device shows as having two MIDI I/O ports. Notes send and receive on port 2.
    Ableton also shows these as two MIDI I/O sub-devices (program and song), and sending and receiving on the latter everything works great.

    Is the Deluge only connecting to the first MIDI port it sees and sending to that perhaps? Is there any way to override this?

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