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Audio tracks in arranger doesn't play the first time around

xsterxster San FranciscoPosts: 22

Hard to tell whether this is intentional but I haven't quite figured out the pattern yet.

When I have a a "long"? audio track like 4 bars and I scroll forward a bit and play while holding down <>, it seems like the unmuted audio tracks don't actually play the first time. But if I press play while holding <> a second time, it starts playing. If I stop and pretty play again while holding <>, it plays again. Which leads me to thinking the audio file was too big to load in time the first time before some timeout. But if so, I rather it joins in late rather than never playing.

Did I understand what's going on correctly?


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    impurfektimpurfekt USAPosts: 22
    edited June 2020

    I'm experiencing the same thing. With my audio tracks the Deluge either plays on the second attempt or locks up entirely. Haven't found a pattern to the behavior other than more tracks means it's more likely to lock up. Counting to three between "play" presses hasn't help. Tried with the original card and my card and both have the same problems. This is all in the Arranger mode.

    I wrote support and was told it's a known bug that is being addressed in the next firmware update.

    For now I've rolled back to 3.0.5 but haven't been able to test audio track playback properly. I'm stuck at trying to figure out how to play my previously recorded audio tracks without them being garbled from the speed/pitch detection.

    Edit: Okay. I got kits working again under 3.0.5 (had to swap in the factory xmls for some reason). I created three different kits and assigned one audio file to one note on each kit. Then I set the play mode to "Cut". When I write a note the note makes itself the full-length of the track (assuming I've made the clip long enough) and it plays properly and I can play anywhere within the length of the audio file and it plays perfectly. I bounced all over the place and hit play a couple dozen times with no issues whatsoever.

    Can you try this under 3.1.0 firmware? It may be a possible workaround for now.

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    xsterxster San FranciscoPosts: 22

    Ah I forgot to mention. I was doing this in 3.1.

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