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Bought Deluge a Week Ago - Tracking Info and Invoice?

henleybhenleyb United KingdomBeta Tester Posts: 18
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I'm excited to hopefully be receiving my own Deluge in the coming week or two but haven't received any confirmation of my order or any tracking details so am a bit worried something is up. I can see payment has gone from Paypal to Synthstrom over a week ago but that's all the info I have from my order.

Did any of you get a confirmation email? I've tried contacting them three times, the first time I got a reply which was about expected delivery times but then after that when asking for an invoice/tracking details, nowt. :(

I'm guessing they might just be a skeleton crew due to Covid so I'm trying not to worry or hassle them too much. I'm sure they have a ton to do. I'm hoping I get a knock on the door in the next week with its arrival, but it would be nice to hear that no order/confirmation emails is normal so I can chill out. :D

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    LexiThePanLexiThePan AtlantaPosts: 1
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    Kinda in the same boat waiting on mine to start shipping. Did you ever get a tracking number when they did ship, or did it arrive randomly one day?

    Edit June 3rd: Got my DHL tracking number

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    NaenynNaenyn United StatesPosts: 12

    I placed my order on the 19th (20th in NZ). I got an order shipment email from DHL and a “order complete” email from Synthstrom on the 27th. DHL has been a little weird, but it looks like it should arrive early this coming week. So, slightly more than the “3-4 business days” thing previously stated in some videos, but sooner than the Synthstrom website indicated when I ordered (June 6).

    On a side note, they are a small shop. It sounds like Ian handles all the email communications.

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    NyankoNyanko FrancePosts: 8

    I bought the Deluge one week and a half ago and after receiving the confirmation, it went silent. But this morning, I received an update and a tracking number for DHL. So let two weeks pass before panicking, I would suggest.

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