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MIDI "running status" missing/faulty?


I fail to get a Keith McMillen Soft Step 2 working with the deluge. It is well powered and also recognized as MIDI device by the deluge. But learning and controlling works only 1 out of 10 times. After contacting the KMM support and doing some further diagnosis I assume that the implementation of the "running status" in Deluge's MIDI implementation is faulty/missing. This may also cause other controllers not to working properly ==> Thanks for fixing this timely!

More tech details in my post in the forum on supported controllers.


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    AllfxAllfx AustraliaPosts: 11

    wait so you were able to get the SS2 to work with deluge? what is the secret?

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,074

    Are you sure it is not related to powering problems, bazzmaka? I had a similar glitchy behavior with a Korg NanoKontrol.
    It might work with a powered USB hub, new 3.1 beta versions have better support for that I have read.

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    bazzmakabazzmaka CHPosts: 12
    edited June 2020

    Indeed, I believe it is a power-related issue, amiga909. I got the SS2 working reliably with a modified Kenton USB Host (KUH). I added two switches to the KUH: a power switch that cuts the +5V of the DC in and a two-pole switch that cuts the two data leads from the Host USB connector (D+ and D-). I power-feed the KUH from the Deluge USB port (with a special cable Type B to Mini), I connect the SS2 with a regular cable to the KUH and I connect the KUH to the Deluge via a 5pin Midi patch cable. The key is the power-on sequence. 1) All the switches are off. 2) Switch on the Deluge and wait 5 seconds. 3) Switch on the KUH power switch and wait 5sec. With this step the SS2 is powered over USB, but the data connection is still interrupted. 4) Switch on the data connection. Now everything works, each time, and entirely powered from the deluge's USB port. It is a (nerdy, expensive, but cool) workaround solution (at least) until 3.1.

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    bazzmakabazzmaka CHPosts: 12

    SS2 ain't working with 3.1 and powered USB hub, either :-((

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