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Midi Questions regarding Deluge

shippy_trappershippy_trapper viennaBeta Tester Posts: 11

Hello deluge community.

I am not a deluge owner currently but i am strongly considering it.
thx to the admins for giving me access anyway.

The thing is, i want to integrate the deluge with a software called touchdesigner(TD) and control various visual components from the deluge in TD using midi. TD usually talks quite well with midi devices, but i´d rather ask before finding out what i want, won´t work.
(currently i am running a setup on a digitakt/digitone combo; here is a video that shows some of the features i build: )

So, all my questions refer to when the deluge is connected to a PC, sending midi via USB to a software.

1) Is there a way to access the parameter-locks(f.e. from the reverb) of a synth track through midi?
I found a section in the Producer guide manual(p 245) that talks about converting synth tracks to midi; my guess is this refers to Notes and not parameters.

2) I am thinking of ways to access the audio of individual tracks for analysis in TD; i don´t need the the signal itself,
a RMS value of the spektrum from individual tracks would be sufficient.
something like convert audio RMS to Midi CC parameters. ;)
Since the deluge is not an asio device this would have to be done on the deluge itself.

s t


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,074

    nice experimental setup.

    1) you can midi learn a lot of params like reverb amount to midi CCs. if i get u right, u cannot access param locks via midi, midi controlled automation can only be recorded realtime, not per step.
    2) the Deluge has 1 stereo out, no individual track audio outs. dont know what u mean with getting a RMS value without thesignal. sounds fun if Deluge would emit something like realtime track statistics. it does not :)

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    shippy_trappershippy_trapper viennaBeta Tester Posts: 11
    edited May 2020

    hi there and thx for your reply.

    @1 "you can midi learn a lot of params like reverb amount to midi CCs"
    that would somehow do the same thing i want, but guess the learned proberty is not "linked" permanently, so if i change something on the synthtrack reverb f.e. i would have to re-learn that again to the midi tracks CC.

    @1 i assume a lot of the internal workings of the deluge are done using midi.
    on the elektron devices i have a setting in midi-settings called "encoder destination"
    i can switch this to internal & external. this forwards the control midi signals of the device to a midi channel i define.
    so f.e. if i change the reverb of a track, internally this "change" is executed using midi and this signal gets forwarded to external devices or software. i am looking for the same functionality on the deluge.

    @2 what i want is some access to the audio information of individual tracks.
    grabing all the information(the whole spektrum at 44khz) of the each audio track would be overkill and too much data, but i was wondering wheather it is possible to analyze tracks on the deluge and just send the result of this analysis (like an avarage or rms of the whole spektrum) to a midi track.

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