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All parameter changes affect all clones



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    MaxOSMaxOS Los AngelesPosts: 51

    Have these complaints ever been acknowledged by the developers?

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    nigelnigel BelgiumPosts: 12

    +1 really need this, love the D but this would be a deal breaker

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    MaxOSMaxOS Los AngelesPosts: 51
    edited May 2020

    I came up with a new workaround for this issue.

    So, let’s say you have a little song consisting of a drum track and two bass lines (bass 1 and bass 2) that use the same synth patch. You close the filter cutoff on bass 1, but you want the same parameter adjustments to be applied to bass 2.

    What you can do is first save the bass 2 patch that you made adjustments to. Then, go into the bass 2 clip and save that patch to any other slot in the card memory; this will get rid of that song specific patch (I created a “trash” patch which I just use to dump the song specific patches I want to get rid of). Now you dial both bass 1 and bass 2 tracks back to the original patch that you previously adjusted and saved. This process should result in both bass 1 and bass 2 clips having the same sound with the filter cutoff adjustment.

    I also was able to achieve the same result using three different tracks.

    I hope this is helpful and maybe will shed some light on the behavior of clips that share the same patch.

    Edit: I'm not sure if this preserves automations.

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    miaouxmiaouxmiaouxmiaoux ScotlandBeta Tester Posts: 68

    +1 !

    Started a new thread for this but thought I'd add it to this one too as it's a similar idea. I thought of using SHIFT + AFFECT ENTIRE to enter a mode where all parameter changes affect all clones. The control would be relative - increasing or decreasing existing automation by the same amount) unless you pressed the gold knob, which would write the value across all clips. Holding an audition pad in kit mode would allow you to adjust automation of all clones of that sound only.

    I feel like this is a good solution as it retains the current architecture of the Deluge, would give the user both options of having parameter changes tied to clips AND propagating across clones (because having them tied to clips is super fun) and also allow automation trim on clips, which is currently not possible.

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