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Problem...Arrangement saving issue

neddycgoonneddycgoon New ZealandPosts: 20

Put together a tune in the arranger using external midi,internal kits and samples on the Deluge and everything was playing back perfectly.....Saved the arrangement in the Deluge thinking I would finish the tune off tomorrow...Loaded it back up with everything set correctly and my timings are for shit it just sounds like mush now lol...I have no idea where I went wrong it sounded perfect when I saved it and I saved it several times while I was building the tune I have plenty of space on the SD card something like 80gb free I did do a lot of zooming in for inserting FX like risers and thunder claps and there was a lot going on in the track....Any thoughts as to where I went wrong?


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    neddycgoonneddycgoon New ZealandPosts: 20

    Hmmm never mind I ran the latest update and it seems to have solved the issue....Buggered if I know lol

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