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Sample Prep

GibbousHominidGibbousHominid USAPosts: 27
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What bit depth and sample frequency is used for sample playback? I'd like to feed it what it prefers to avoid wasting space and unneeded down converting inside the deluge.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator, Beta Tester, Mentor Posts: 889

    It reads straight from the SD, no conversion needed :) I've had no trouble with 32k, 44k and 48k in 16, 24 and 32 bit. I think anything goes, not sure if there's a 'preferred' type at all

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hey @GibbousHominid! That would be 44.1khz, 16 or 24 bit :)

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    Much appreciated.

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