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Studio Setup



I've got a general question regarding studio setup. I currently have my studio setup as per the attached image.

The room on the left is my current corner setup where I am experiencing issues with my final mix. The low end always sounds terrible when I listen in my car or on headphones and I suspect having the speakers so close to the wall in the corner is the cause. I am actually pretty tight on space in the room due to it being shared with the Mrs for her craft space.

The image on the right is the other option I have for a setup, do you guys think this would work better?
I currently don't have any bass traps or any kind of absorption foam on the walls which may also be causing issues.

I am no expert here as I only started making music last year so I was hoping someone may be able to help me out with either using my current layout but making it better with traps etc or maybe my second layout proposition would make things better?




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    PuppeteerPuppeteer Perth, West OzBeta Tester Posts: 48

    Image on the right will work better. You may want some absorbers on the rear walls behind the speakers and maybe on the wall behind at the first reflection point. It's a very square room, which is not the best for acoustics.

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    SlivizSliviz LondonPosts: 37

    Thanks for the info mate. this is all I have to work with at the moment until I finish converting the loft

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    MafooMafoo Posts: 53

    generally the corner is not a good spot (as you've discovered). I think you are going to have to play around with your setup and tweak it as you go. Check out the videos on youtube regarding DIY acoustic paneling - I think you can treat your room to make it work in the configuration in the right image, though you wont know until you try. I am not sure how the space on each side of the chimney is going to affect translation.

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