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  • sequencer editing: nudge individual notes left/right

    If I need to slightly move a note within sequencer I need to
    a) delete note
    b) re-enter note
    c) set the probability
    d) set the velocity
    e) put an automation on it

    the nudge note horizontally would kill these 5 steps
    we already have nudging vertically soo ?

  • feedback parameter on delay effect

    I love the delay on this unit but find myself to have longer or shorter feedback ... so far we cannot change the delay feedback parameter correct ?

  • Thank you SynthStrom!

    I put some 120 hours to this box. The box is miles deep but very short distance to achieve or tweak great organic musical results.

    The more I use it the more I like it. Almost every aspect of DELUGE is very well though out. I’m lefty and the UX is great for me. Some annoyances became gotcha moments when I realized WHY it was done that way.

    Rohan is genius.

    He, as a creator has to watch and observe all the recent groove boxes to make a device like this. Or “they” the SynthStrom have a great artists to decide on designs and workflows. I know he is not along and is surrounded by great bunch so credits to them too.

    I really wish for long long road for this product. I hold my finger crossed for great management team behind the scenes to be able to crank hundreds of these puppies . To crank them fast to show the big corny guys in EU and Japan how good DSP and UX can work together. So we users don’t need to wait for Circuit Pro, shell out $$ for 2+ electron machines, do petitions for Electribe or hopelessly live with half baked visions of some roland products.

    The other companies that make lovely, creative products are Teenage Engineering, MakeNoise and Bastl.

    The same way as you (Synthstrom) were able to revolutionize single music making box you could revolutionize the firmware updates process.
    What I mean is that I would PAY for a firmware that implements xy features I or other users requested. This way you can add more developer resources to keep growing up. You can have a default firmware that ships with deluge and then you have 2-3 firmware plus packages for people who are coming with great suggestions and are willing to pay for it.

    Thanks again!

  • play screen position lock

    so we have "play screen" option activated by "push <> + play” I would like to lock this and play the screen up-until satisfied with note entires (veto etc) this could be activated by double clicking play button... when satisfied hit play again and lock is disengaged so ‘push <> + double click play’ keep playing the same screen

  • Condensed vertical note view toggle

    1. Show only rows with notes that are recorded. There is too much of scrolling with the ^V knob
      Especially good when notes in a track span in 3 octaves. Even If have 16 various notes recorded I only scroll two screens. The color is enough as indicator of distance between notes.

    2. If that does not work then we need a pentatonic scales option so that 8 rows would do almost span two octaves. While on it hide the black notes in the scale keyboard view so I only play good :) notes.

    Thank you!

  • Loop Screen / Cycle Region

    Yes shift + play or double tap play to start to loop THE current view... if you need to zoom in you could still do it and edit notes with higher accuracy but the looping start/stop would be driven by what ever was on the 8x16 matrix when you engaged the loop section mode.

  • keyboard mode hide keys that are out-of-scale (like push or scale mode on novation devices)

    Ableton Push, Launchpad and novation circuit all sport scale view where keys out of scale are NOT visible. Why deluge cannot do this.

  • POLY Mode or how do I create a 303 slide (glissando)

    How I’d do a typical 303 slide I’ve tried this
    a 303 sound POLY=OFF, PORT=10 (portamento speed)
    step3 - C2 note on
    step8 - C2 note off
    step4 - D2 note on
    step6 - D2 note off
    the D2 on step4 should slide up

    It does not work that way per say... throw me a bone please

  • Saving New Kits

    I assume your current kit is one you want to save
    1. click the control knob (next to display)
    2. display will show OSC1
    3. Hit the save button
    4. A location will be shown on display 10B
    5. choose location for the kit by turning the control knob
    6. hit save again

  • POLY Mode or how do I create a 303 slide (glissando)

    I don’t have 303 either:) The slide bass is typical for an acid bass. Roland bass synths TR-3 or TB303 are typical for this. It is called as note TIE. Others might call this glissando. In the midi terminology is what I described in my first post:

    I could change the subject of this conversation to
    "how do I do a sliding bass line" track and still talk about the same issue/concept.

    I’m not asking for something NEW here. I hope somebody can chip in ... Based on your example Sam, in the step5 I do HEAR BOTH NOTES at once correct ? I did another exercise with POLY=OFF (dash below represents a step):

    G ----***-----

    Somewhere in the middle of this (step 6) I DO hear 3 notes. I’d expect to hear only ONE note. Meaning a real mono voice option. (Perhaps I overlooked you posted about DECAY not RELEASE for the POLY=OFF feature... that is why I tried it again)

    I put it simple,... in order to do an acid bass, or a sliding fretless bass we need a real MONO voice option. I’m surprised nobody noticed this up until now. So it comes down to question:

    Is this “mono feature” below the item #20 on the requested feature list or higher ? Or it is on the list at all :)

    Thanks for your answer!

    ps; isn’t cutting decay with poly=off causing clicks (specially on FM sounds? I do have some random clicks mostly with the FM presets)

    ps2: I noted a lot of presets that deluge is shipped with are GENEROUS with VOIC->UNIS greater than 2. My limited knowledge of the DSP tells me that UNIS>3 in poly mode is a strain on the DSP resources. Putting 4-5 tracks with 3-4 note chords with sounds where RELE>40 shows stealing voices oddity. If the mono option was there you could still get a rich sound but in real monophonic fashion.
    The other option is to change a few presses to go from UNIS=7 to UNIS=3 or so.