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Cologne, Germany
  • Modulation sources for midi tracks

    So modulate verlocity, pitch, note length and midi cc messages via the sources.
  • Midi tracks in Kits

    I've been triggering drums on an external synth using the Midi mode. It would be cool to be able to trigger them through the Kit to save a bit of space. So maybe an option that would allow you to choose which midi channel and which note would be cool.

  • Thank you SynthStrom!

    I'm fully happy to invest more in this company for firmware updates.
    There have been some awesome ideas that look like they could be achievable as the hardware should be able to support it but I assuming the coding would be fucking hardcore!
    I'm thinking about the MLR mode, wow never came across that before.

    In regards to the TR-8, Roland can get fucked. They made a great unit but don't allow you to put your own samples in there and then the charge WAY too much for new packs. I understand companies wanna make money but they could by properly reissuing more of their legacy products that sell for crazy money on the used market.

    I have a lot of faith in Synthstrom and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they and this community grow.

  • Possible to set the default velocity?

    Not yet. There are a number of post requesting this though.
    Search velocity and/or global defaults in the forum to up vote your favourite/s.
  • Sampling guitars / MIDI control

    Not yet man. I feel you though. There really does seem to be an epic hole in the market for a good midi synced looper. I'm hoping that the Deluge will fill that hole. But currently it doesn't. Search the forum for looper suggestions and up vote them. :smiley:

  • reverse scrolling up/down ?

    Yeah... You will get used to it... :smiley:
    There's an old post about being able to customise settings floating about somewhere.