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Frankfurt, Germany
  • sample selection realtime exchange

    sample selection for drumkits and osc sample with realtime exchange.

    - if you change a hihat in play mode changing the sample affect directly the played notes.
    - if you cahnge a singlewaveform in OSC synth mode changing the sample directly in the osc instead of playing the wave once
    - if you change the sample for drumrack in an empty slot or stop mode normal prelistening.

    it would be great for osc sampels / singleslice wavforms. we could directly hear the result instead of a "klick"
    also an automation with lfo could be crazy .. :)
  • expect censorship

    If you want a complete hardware that can replace a DAW you could buy nothing.
    I also produce from time to time some DnB and Dubstep tracks. And as you recognized it is not easy to find any hardware where you can arrange a complete song with all that automation. 3 Friends are professionals in dnb and dubstep .. no one of them would get the idea to produce their shit on a piece of hardware. Of course one has a Moog for Bass sounds. But all three are Computer Only producers with Softsynth, heavy automations and samples.

    If you are looking for that. Use Cubase, Reason or if you want to shake your ass during sketching buy Push and Ableton and us it for componing and dancing during that. For Arrangement just take the Mouse and keyboard.

    I think no Hardware sequencer could do that what you want.
    Same if you buy a Nissan Skyline and expecting the Room and Space of A VW Multivan.

    And dont blame Synthstrom with your postings and don't harm their business with advices to not buy it.
    It is a totally genius peace of Hardware miles away from other machines! And it is just not fair what you do.

    You was able to watch all the videos and read the manual before you bought it. Maybe you will get a better song mode .. but i think i readed on this webpage somewhere " dont buy the deluge if you don't accept it as it is. there would be future updates but it is like it is "

  • Forum Ideas

    SO this is the only company / forum who is handling it like this..
    in my opinion it is more useful to collect all things in a forum where everyone cann access the information and join the community.
    i would never create an facebook account especially not for a product or product support / beta testing.
    As far as i see there is not much traffic in this forum.
    This is only my opinion. But i think we have a group in the german sequencer forum maybe we can help us there.
    In the moment you will find there more informations about deluge as in this deluge forum. :(

  • Master effects bypass switch

    Or somethin like a "Rubberband" .. so if you turn the Filter cutoff down and press the gold knob ( ?) the filter goes back to the start point.

  • Forum Ideas

    Whats about using this Forum ?

    I dont have a Facebook account and i wont have one in the future.
    Why iss all activity on Facebook and not in this Forum ?

  • basics before toy features

    @22tape said:
    If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

    that would be interesting ..