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Frankfurt, Germany
  • Complete Audio / Midi Bouncing - Ableton export

    Audio Bouncing.

    Bounce All Tracks from a song as independent Wave files as long as they are .. 1 or 37 Bars

    • Option to select with FX or clean.
    • Option to export Midi files
    • individual Loop export to like on Electribe .. ( as far as i know ableton provides the Export / Import features for free )

    Label the Files: /Recording/Song 3B/3B_Track_1.wav and 3B_Track_1.mid

    thank you :)

  • sample selection realtime exchange

    sample selection for drumkits and osc sample with realtime exchange.

    - if you change a hihat in play mode changing the sample affect directly the played notes.
    - if you cahnge a singlewaveform in OSC synth mode changing the sample directly in the osc instead of playing the wave once
    - if you change the sample for drumrack in an empty slot or stop mode normal prelistening.

    it would be great for osc sampels / singleslice wavforms. we could directly hear the result instead of a "klick"
    also an automation with lfo could be crazy .. :)
  • External Synthesizer - Multisample Resampling

    Connect your external synth via Midi and audio in to the Deluge ( or even for internal synth ) and the deluge records the output of the synthesizer per note and or per octave.

    Its a function like the software samplerobot.

  • Hey guys it's me DNSB and I'm from the UK! Thoughts so far!

    :) welcome

    +1 for more moderation !

  • Forum Ideas

    SO this is the only company / forum who is handling it like this..
    in my opinion it is more useful to collect all things in a forum where everyone cann access the information and join the community.
    i would never create an facebook account especially not for a product or product support / beta testing.
    As far as i see there is not much traffic in this forum.
    This is only my opinion. But i think we have a group in the german sequencer forum maybe we can help us there.
    In the moment you will find there more informations about deluge as in this deluge forum. :(

  • LFOs?

    on each Synth part 2 LFOS and on each drum-row also two LFOs. So a Drumkit with 10 slots have 20 LFos ;)

  • Forum Ideas

    Whats about using this Forum ?

    I dont have a Facebook account and i wont have one in the future.
    Why iss all activity on Facebook and not in this Forum ?