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  • More midi learns please ?

    Is it possible to have more midi learn mappings per track before getting the "FULL" message ??

    That'd be WELL SWELL

  • Scrolling text on screen

    Is there any possibility that the screen could have text 'scroll' across ?
    Would be great to see full filenames etc.!

  • Multi-sampling/ velocity layering

    Can we have multi-sampling/ velocity layering, to create more nuanced sounds/instruments for playing with an external controller with velocity sensitivity ?

  • basics before toy features

    Bottom line is this: the requests with the most votes get implemented first, that's how Synthstrom does it, and even though many people agree with the requests you speak of, in varying degrees depending on their personal uses, you won't get many votes from people with a shitty attitude..

    I'm not saying sharing your opinion is anti-ethical, I'm saying the way you word your opinion matters to how people respond, and I'm underlining that since the updates are based on voting, you need to appeal to people if you want certain features faster.
    You don't do that by dissing people who are different than you.

    I'd like a compressor, cc display meters etc. too, but I like stutters and note conditions also :)

    In case you haven't noticed, we do get a pretty good balance of practical features AND what you call "toy" features in every update - last time we got copy/paste, scrolling text, track soloing, multiple midi tracks to same channel, white notes/ note groups can have velocity, automation and length edited at the same time, the sample-load defaults, fixed delay DC offset fuzz-out, slice-ordering fix etc. etc. - and ONE "toy" feature; conditional notes.

    See where I'm going with this ?

  • Synthstrom Audible at Superbooth 2018

    @Ian_Jorgensen Can we simply suspend mr. alien brain from this forum until he learns some manners/ common sense?
    The shitty vibe is just so unnecessary :)

  • Neil's Drumsynth presets

    Here's a link to a KIT with Neil's drumsynth 'presets', shared on FB :) Download the kit xml file and chuck it into your KITS folder.

    To continue making kit sounds into synths, load up any sample to a kit pad (doesn't matter which) and change the TYPE to a synth instead (sine,saw,noise etc.)

    Creds to Neil!


  • How can I factory reset the Deluge's SD card?

    Shiiiit you crazy, homie.

    You didn't defend yourself, you pushed away an honest attempt at communicating with you.

    I never wanted to ignore you, I proposed to ban you completely.

    No one likes you, that's the point. But you're the one who made it that way, and you defend yourself with apathy and carelessness.

    We're not intolerant, your toxic obnoxiousness is too much for anyone. Who the hell tolerates you at all anyway? :p

  • Add option to send MIDI clock while externally synced

    I do it all the time :) Midi thru

  • Rhodes el.piano multisample free pack

    AND, this will work much better after the 2.0 update in June, since it takes up an unnecessary amount of memory (less voices etc.)

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Someone prove him wrong!!