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  • Multi-sampling/ velocity layering

    Can we have multi-sampling/ velocity layering, to create more nuanced sounds/instruments for playing with an external controller with velocity sensitivity ?

  • More midi learns please ?

    Is it possible to have more midi learn mappings per track before getting the "FULL" message ??

    That'd be WELL SWELL

  • Scrolling text on screen

    Is there any possibility that the screen could have text 'scroll' across ?
    Would be great to see full filenames etc.!

  • AKWF single-cycle waveforms

    Here's a link to Adventure Kid's huge collection of single-cycle waveforms to load into the Deluge as a synth, by switching the sample playback mode to loop.

    Quote DocRompler underneath here regarding instructions for use with Deluge:
    1. Set one or both oscillators to "sample"
    2. Select any of the waveforms as the sample
    3. Set the sample mode to "Loop"
    4. Transpose the oscillator down 2 semitones and 2 cents, or up 10 semitones
    5. Turn the volume of the oscillator down to about 25 as these waveforms tend to overdrive the amp. This is especially true if they're used polyphonically.

    If u benefit from it, consider supporting his hard work and the fact that's he's giving these out for free :)


  • Moog Minitaur wave samples

    Here are my neatly polished Moog Minitaur samples - (single cycle) waveforms :)

    Long wave samples and single cycle waveforms that loop perfectly. Multiple octaves of C note.

    Share audio/ patches if you make something cool with em!

    I prefer using the longer waveform-loops myself as they capture more of that subtle 'analog movement', but I made the single-cycles as well just to try and feel the difference

  • Synthstrom Audible at Superbooth 2018

    @Ian_Jorgensen Can we simply suspend mr. alien brain from this forum until he learns some manners/ common sense?
    The shitty vibe is just so unnecessary :)

  • Click options - possible, or am I 'DELUSIONAL'?

    There's only one DAC i.e. the headphone can't be independent from the main out.
    However, you can output clicks with a gate output to headphones - make a kit track with a gate row (hold an audition pad, press CV button), input notes and extend them unto each other to make the clicks sound best.

  • Suggestion “Shift Mute” to Mute Kit Audition Pads per track for Real Time playing of Kit Sounds

    If you hold shift and press an audition pad it will be silent :) Both with kit rows and synths. And also, if you open the file browser right after last touched was silent, the sample previewing will be silent as well

  • Sample waveform visualization

    @cypher79 You're missing the point; automation of start/ end points is a part of it. And it's THE number one top rated request (108 votes currently), along with setting of loop points, in the same post ;)

  • VSCO orchestral multisample library

    Programming tips:

    Velocity levels: Multi-load lower velo folder to OSC1, and higher velo folder to OSC2, patch OSC1 vol to Velocity -50, and OSC2 vol to Velocity +50.

    Articulations: We can't effectively use them all in one patch yet, but you can get creative, like load low velo flute without vibrato to OSC1, then load higher velo flute WITH vibrato to OSC2.

    But essentially you make different adjacent patches with the articulations like staccato and sustained versions.

    Other stuff: I usually patch Master Pitch to Random, just slightly, value 1 or 2, to make subtle variations in pitch which is pleasing to the brain :)

    Patch LPF cutoff to Velocity to have a more muffled sound at lowest velocities - set LPF freq. to something like 35-40, preferably with 12dB filter, then patch cutoff to Velocity, ca. 15-25

    Patch Velocity slightly to Decay, so that low hits will have shorter sounds.

    Use Release to have a more natural tail sound on samples, or to activate piano/keyboard type sustain pedal action.

    Those are my most standard processes