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Kaitaia, New Zealand
  • Is the new OS stable? Still coming in 2018?
    Hi Daren
    as you can see closing for the samples from user was only Dec 14 so guess they have some work to do yet and over here in NZ where the work is being done it is Christmas so guess the people at Synthstrom are having to juggle their time with family commitments so think we should give them a beak and the upgrade will be here before you know it, and isn't the deluge pretty fucking amazing as it is
    regards Robby

  • Korg M1 T1/T2/T3 - All Legendary Sounds and Expansions for deluge 1.x [DEAD LINK - waiting]

    Hello Fryyyy, hey can you tell me how to load samples as I have been trying for weeks since getting my Deluge and I cannot for the life of me figure it out, I open a new kit track, shift + kit then it says in the manual you should be able to scroll thru the samples using the select knob but the only items are kits, no sample items and I am using the sd card supplied by synthstrom that has some samples on it under the sample folder plus I have added your four folders , are you meant to take the items out of your folders and add them to the sample folder , kit folder and song folder or do you just add them to the card so they come up as new folders under the other folders on the card
    regards Rob

  • Folder structure for organizing presets

    This is not a job that should be on Deluge I reckon. On Computers you have access to scripting languages and APIs that let you develop "Collect All + Save" function and "Fix missing samples" very easily. No need to waste Deluge ressources and Rohans time for this.

    At least for me I dont care until I run out of SD card space. Did upgrade to 32GB and will worry about this later :)
    I started to do some maintenance scripts for Deluge, maybe me or somebody else will come up with a decent solution soon.

    I don't agree, as for us less intelligent users, having a file system that can be easy to use and will give us easy access to samples , presets, kits, synths would be an essential part of the Deluge journey.
    I have been using my Deluge for nearly a month now and still cannot figure out how to load a sample, I thought maybe the SD card is upside down, was it corrupt so reinstalled the basic contents copied in Fryyy's samples etc plus heaps of my own and still no access to samples which is one of the main reasons why I bought the Deluge in the first place,
    I have watched all of Ron Cavagnaro's videos which show the process of loading samples but no does not work for me.
    So an undated filing system that can be understood by a IDIOT like me would be great!!!!_The only way I have been able to access a sample is to put in in the record file and name it REC 00-- and then using shift + kit - record I can then access the file.
    Regards Rob