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Track view: Step color reflects velocity not pitch


I want to see velocity without looking up the value.
Steps are colored based on their pitch. 64 RGB values are used to fill 128 slots. Pitch coloring looks nice. But it doesnt give me much information.

A configuration option or a shortcut to switch between pitch mode and velocity mode would be cool.
In velocity mode all notes are colored based on their velocity value, cool if shift&up/down for changing the base color would still work. A bit different for Kit Track view but i guess i could work the same.


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    muleskinnermuleskinner Bath, UKPosts: 124

    Personally I think track colouring should be monochrome, there's a thread on this somewhere. The multicoloured thing is pretty but it's confusing as hell in the arranger.

    However, if it were possible (in track view) to indicate velocity by brightness or something I agree that that would be much more useful than using the colour of the pad to indicate pitch. You know when a note is a different pitch as it's on a different row - you have no indication of the current velocity.

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    olicolic Posts: 15

    i agree with both posts. though i wouldn’t need an option for the current behavior “pitch mode“. don’t see any advantage (in terms of overview) why different pitches are colored differently.

    in song mode each track should have a monochrome color, and in track mode this color should be bright or dark depending on velocity.

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 707
    edited October 2018

    yes, monochrome tracks in Song and Arranger mode are much better.
    cool if we had step coloring for params too. in Sound Edit mode or when moving a knob colors reflect param values. so we had a way yo quickly check which params have automation.
    related to
    monochrome threads:

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    HollexHollex FrPosts: 9

    Good point. But in arranger view the sections should stay multi colored, it’s good as it currently works.

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    happyclimberhappyclimber francePosts: 41

    and too same colors in song and arranger view !!!

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    PancitoKill85PancitoKill85 Buenos Aires ArgentinaPosts: 8

    Well, pitch color is not important if you write songs within an Octave... If you use wider pitches, not having color reference could be harmful...

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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 707

    @PancitoKill85 said:
    Well, pitch color is not important if you write songs within an Octave... If you use wider pitches, not having color reference could be harmful...

    true, pitch based coloring has its right in the track view. would prefer a config option or a keyboard shortcut to toggle color modes. imho velocity, not pitch, should be the default color mode though.
    arranger should stay multicolor of course as there are no note events.
    song mode should be monochrome to make it easier to distinguish tracks, there had been loads of agreement about this afaik.
    however this suggestion was only about track view. might go in hand with the parameter view suggestion, so velocity would be one of the params that can be viewed in parameter view

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    72versions72versions Auckland NZPosts: 23

    This is a no brainer.
    Pitch is represented by relative position.
    Colour should be used for velocity.

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    supertwangsupertwang Austin, TXPosts: 4

    The obvious thing in these color discussions is that we all have slightly different preferences. Rather than try to come up with one solution to rule them all, why not make the different coloring-schemes available as options that can be chosen by preference? It'd probably be WAY quicker, and more satisfying to all, to code a few different options, with a setting to select between them, than it would be to try to establish a clear consensus about the "Right" way to do this and force everyone into working that way. Rohan thoughts?

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