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Automation View


Being able to lock parameters each step is nice, but having to record parameter sweeps freehand always leaves me wishing I had more precise control.
I'd like to propose a feature would allow the precise automation of multiple parameters on each track, and would make putting together full arrangements a lot easier.

Here's my suggestion:
Just like pressing the "Song" button in Song View enters Arranger View, pressing "Track" in Track View would enter "Automation View".
I'm imagining the interface as a modified Kit track where instead of loading samples, you turn a knob to load that parameter. Then you could input "notes" and dial in values with the Select knob. The Deluge would then interpolate between the "notes" of each parameter to create smooth sweeping effects when the track is played.
Also, "Automation View" and "Track View would have to share the same zoom level and position in the time domain for this to work seamlessly.

Thanks for reading!


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    olicolic Posts: 15

    automation (edit) view would be nice, though i‘m not shure if i understood how you would like to be implemented.

    i think it would be nice if the 16x8 grid is used as an display (like in the upcoming sample view) to view the automation amount of each step. so each vertical row represents the amount. this could be zoomable to have more than just 8 amount values.

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